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January 22, 2010


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Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Haiti rich in unexplored hydrocarbons (with potential oil reserves larger than those of Venezuela) , gold, copper, uranium 238 and 235 and strategic metals (iridium):



wow this stuff is interesting and kind of disheartening. have the U.S. sent anyone to do ecological/oil/resource/ studies since the earthquake?

You mentioned the testimony of "scientists" Daniel and Ginette Mathurin for the claim that Haiti has more oil then Venezuela.

Turns out Daniel and Ginette have pretty odd idea.

See this (scroll down for English translation). These "scientists" believe in an impending cataclysm that will cause 300 million rich northerners to land on the shores of Haiti.

Are you sure Mathurin & Mathurin are credible or even, exist?

See my take:

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