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September 15, 2005


George Fiala

Interesting point, but ....

How, during this process did they actually quantify the measure of IQ? That is not something that is measurable or quantifiable by immediate observation.

I do agree that multi-tasking has an affect on ones ability to quickly jump between tasks. It has been shown that we do have an optimal number of simultaneous tasks we can perform, without a noticeable degradation in performance on any one task. To say however, that e-mail or multi-tasking lowers IQ is a bit of a stretch.

Like everything, e-mail is a tool. It can be a useful tool or it can be an obstacle. It depends how and what one uses it for, and responds to. To optimize the tool, we need to be able to recognize and prioritize incoming messages, without having to open them. Likewise, multi-tasking is the same.

In our culture we seem to take pride in doing as many things simultaneously as possible. Frankly, this is stupid! By saying no and concentrating on the core of what you are to do, more will be accomplished quicker. Otherwise, you are well on your way to burnout.

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