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September 14, 2005



economy is basic requirement for any country to develop. it is the main source for functioning of government. but today's economy is little bit slow.



Diana Manning-Squire
Erich J. Knight

Apply Smarts to the Carbon Cycle

Man has been controlling the carbon cycle , and there for the weather, since the invention of agriculture, all be it was as unintentional, as our current airliner contrails are in affecting global dimming. This unintentional warm stability in climate , has over 10,000 years, allowed us to develop to the point that now we know what we did and that now we are over doing it.

The prehistoric and historic records gives a logical thrust for soil carbon sequestration.
I wonder what the soil biome carbon concentration was REALLY like before the cutting and charcoaling of the virgin east coast forest, my guess is that now we see a severely diminished community, and that only very recent Ag practices like no-till have started helped to rebuild it. It makes implementing Terra Preta soil technology like an act of penitence, returning misplaced carbon.

Erich J. Knight

Christa Maria

I wonder how much electricity could be saved by inventing reliable solar street lights? Every city has a large budget for lighting, why can't that thought be made to work?
I think it could.


The problem with the recycled sewage plant proposed for Toowoomba is that it just would not work.

It is not possible to produce 11,000 ML of recycled water from 8,000 ML of sewage. Toowoomba City Council also had nowhere for the RO waste stream to go. Acland Coal did not want it. Singapore pumps its RO waste stream into the sea.

The plant could never have been built for $68 million - closer to $150-200 million would be more accurate when you take into account the hundreds of acres of evaporation ponds required which were not included in the budget.

Regardless of your view on recycled water use, the no vote in Toowoomba was correct because the proposal was a dud.


Need more info on the pollution-eating bricks used in Italy. Very brief discussion here and in Aug 14 Newsweek edition.

Artin Kiani

Very interesting blog Walter Derzko. I think the Applied Foresight Network could really function as an excellent collaborative tool . . .

Joao Soares

Hi Walter
Very futurist your blog,indeed....I take a preview to all sections....I like them, although I dislike smart weapons....because our world is enough violent...We have to improve tasks and social policies to prevent army and violence.
Please visit Bioterra

Dale Simpson

Walter, when I sent back a reply to your email, I didn't think that you would post it.
There are many ways to save enegry without changing the way you live.
Every building can consume up to 25% less enegry without a loss in comfort.
I really believe that it is cheaper for the consumer to make the existing systems more efficient than installing new ones.
Thanks and keep up the great blog.


I'm waiting for smart people to be invented - or smart education - whichever works fastest in correcting the trajectory of human growth and development as it is now!

I live in Toowoomba, S E Queensland, Australia. This corner is the fastest growing area of our continent. The big city of the Gold Coast is here. To the west of our capital is the valley that grows a large quantity of our fresh produce and livestock.
Australia is the driest continent in the world according to our city council.

Your article on the Western Prairies in Canada is very relevant to my city. It could be said that we live in a rain shadow of the Great Dividing Range, even though we sit on it. Our climate is changing, our city has grown unplanned in the sustainable sense, but planned in the sense that the investors and property market are booming. We can't use a hose in the garden. We are not permitted to wash our cars in our yards. We have to bucket water precious plants on alternate days of the week. People complain about the weather when it prevents them from being self-indulgent and going to the beach or watching football. Nothing seemsto make the masses realise a crisis is looming. They continue to waste water by cheating the regulations. I think if we were told we could only have water switched on in our house every alternate day, people would then start to understand. There would be an uproar of course. Who has the right to make these decisions for me, they'd say! Our citizens (not me) are fighting a project to convert sewerage to potable water.

Advertisements showing villagers in Africa drinking stagnant water, muddied and polluted by other human beings and livestock and algae infestations, should be aimed at our own populations threatening us with this prospect if we don't consider the scarcity of this live sustaining essential natural resources. How can they ignore the fact that space exploration is all about finding water on other planets. Water means life.

Gord Kowalishen

Hi Walter,
Just came by to check out your blog. You have many areas of interest and I did read several. I'll come back soon. Your friend.:)


Roman Olynyk

The future needs futurists. Thought you'd be interested in this Wired story:,1367,69087,00.html?tw=rss.TOP

Rita Gunther McGrath

Walter, I'm glad you are doing this - it will be fun to exchange ideas.

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