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October 29, 2005


Tom Hoes

Interesting article and concept.
Adequate cooking destroys all pathogens but BSE, which is extremely rare and declining.
Antibiotic resistance is caused more likely by indicrriminate use in humans with viral infections; most animal antibiotics are not used in human medicine.
More than grain is used to feed animals. Ruminants (beef, sheep, goats, etc.) gain most, if not all, weight from eating forages no human would or could eat. Feeding grain to nonruminants (swine, poultry) is an economic decision - the grain is converted to more valuable and palatable products.
Ammonia production cannot cause acid rain - it is basic and would neutralize acids; it dissolves in rain and becomes fertilizer.
Given the complexity of the nutrients needed and the energy to convert, we likely will find that animals are the most efficient converter.
If health is your concern, eat leaner meats or none at all. Some of the analogs from soy or wheat protein are edible, if not exact in flavor or texture.


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