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April 14, 2006



Check out these amazing gadgets.

Fletcher Thompson

I can think of a few million more applications for this one. How about a truly flat panel TV or computer screen (literally a sheet of glass)? All you'd need is something to act as a backing. How about Head's Up Displays (HUD's) in cars so you can check your speed and never take your eyes off the road? Adaptive home lighting (and yes, I can definitely understand it would be a boon for film lighting)?

Depending on the flexibility and fatigue life of the materials used, this sort of thing could pave the way for new forms of adaptive textiles - light emitting safety gear, for instance, or a mobile phone with a screen you can wrap around your arm. For more facetious (but still awesome) applications, maybe clothing whose patterns and colours you can change as you see fit.

And the best part? All the technologies I've just mentioned are already in development. Indeed, quite a lot of them are already patented.

I can't wait to start integrating these things into my future work. Gimme gimme gimme!

Fletcher Thompson
Mechatronic Engineer
Wollongong, Australia


All about the newest display generation OLED at or (german)

Dean Giamette

A reliable, flat panel light source with adjustable color output, would create a seismic shift in the film and video industry. The conventional soft-light , and gel manufacturers will need to pounce on this technology, or risk going the way of the dinosaurs .. If color adjustments can be made in real time, during a shot, it opens up a million possibilities for creative lighting. Mated with a laptop computer, this could be the basis for a programmable automated portable lighting system.
I want it.
Dean Giamette
Lighting cameraman
[email protected]

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