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June 15, 2006



I am just wondering weather you are just making up a load of garbage, or are actually saying something that is real (you have done you own research or have a reliable source from which you have your information). Please tell me if I an right (I think that you know what you are talking about),even though my science teacher, who is the Dean of studies at an internationally respect school (St Andrew’s Cathedral School Sydney) doesn't seam to believe it, and all my class mates, as well as people in older years (year 11 and 12) think that it is garbage as well. Please show me more research, so I can prove that they are all wrong or the source which you got this information from, otherwise I will have to agree with them and stop fighting a losing battle. (After all anybody can put anything up on the internet). Since the science community always gets shut down, I might be able to give your research a voice at my school so people can understand that anybody can do science research to prove magger theories wrong, or a factor that is unaccounted for. I am in year 10 at school and are very into science, and want to prove to the people at my school, that I am not saying crap, but something which has some value. Please send me information on your resource, or source of information, or simply state that it is crap, so that I can stop fighting a loosening battle. I really do not mean to offend you, but I just want to get the truth about this issue.

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