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August 06, 2006


Gordon Atherley

The August 2006 report from Canada’s Mounties describes malware’s shift from distributed destructiveness to targeted fraud. The fraud is growing fast, very fast, in most if not all sectors. Underpinning the fraud is ID abuse in which persons or organizations pose as something or someone they are not.

ID abuse threatens healthcare because it exposes patients not only to fraud, but also to health harm—like lethally incompatible blood transfusions enabled by electronic health records corrupted by ID abuse.

Thanks to effective lobbying, governments in many countries strongly believe that electronic health records are the solution to the enduring challenge of patient safety, among other things. In their enthusiasms, though, they’re playing down or ignoring ID abuse as a major threat to healthcare and the safety of its patients.

Is it time for the IT community to start asking tough questions about the security of electronic health records relative to the ID abuse risk?

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