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September 12, 2006


Peter Padbury

Walter, Congratulations! I really appreciate the quality of insight and effort that you bring to this important issue.

Peter Padbury
Deputy Director
Policy Research
Foreign Affairs Canada

Brian McLaughin

Walter -
you do yourself a dis-service; while you've done 500 posts here, some of us know you from "back in the days" of the idea lab, so...happy to see you again!
Is it possible to explore benchmarks for the Smart Economy/ Smart Cities areas? some scales, or yardsticks, to help interested people both see where they are, and be able to measure "progress" (that elusive concept!) after ...another 500 posts, exchanges & netowrking...?
Thank you!
Brian McLaughlin
Information Services & Research
Syracuse, NY


Hello, just found this blog while surfing about high-tech napkins that detect harmful microbes. What a great Blog! Congratulations on your Anniversary.

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