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January 31, 2008


lisa levy

Do you have friends or family that are in the medical field such as doctors or nurses? It’s time to shop for Christmas now and if you are still thinking of what to get for them, you can consider getting them jackets, lab coats or scrub sets as a Christmas gift. Also great for birthday or as graduation gift. As they will need it everyday. Wearing your love with them everyday when they work at these high stress field will sure keep them happy.
Where you can get them? Usually it’s not cheap, they are very expensive but you can get cheap scrubs at but the quality is not cheap, they are high in quality and they’ve been supplying these for more than 10 years. They carry a wide range of jackets, lab coats or scrub sets. They not only have plain colors but also printed/patterned tops. Besides tops or pants, you can also get medical clogs too.


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