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December 01, 2008


Adam Christensen

Walter, great, great job capturing these potential scenarios around the Internet of things. It's something we at IBM have been talking about and just launched the building a smarter planet blog to explore it at greater depth: Very much in line with all of your great work here on this blog.

Going back to the scenarios you outline, I think a combination of all four scenarios are likely as they aren't mutually exclusive. We will see some of the fast burn with #1 (and already have to some degrees... I'm thinking of the hype around WalMart's mandated RFID supply chain 4 years ago).

Ultimately though, if I understand your scenarios correctly, I think we'll mostly slightly more aggressive scenario 3, Connected Niches due to the potential for IoT to affect real business value for real, niche applications and industries. In this economy, as you state, those are the ones that will have staying power.

But I think virtually every industry will find applications fairly rapidly, starting with those with the most to benefit, including transportation/shipping, healthcare and, certainly as you suggest, defense.

Just my 2 cents.

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