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December 12, 2008



Great article. I agree. The recession is taking a toll on the baby boomer generation. I can say that because I am slightly older than that generation. But I don't feel that old. And I have found a way to transition from corporate America.

Yes, many have seen their retirement savings hurt by the recession - the stock market crash and falling home prices. But I feel that most who have been hurt will recover.

Most are well educated, aggressive, and creative. Many have had successful careers. They are also accustomed to giving - giving to help others.

Many will find the work from home, internet network marketing industry as a great alternative for utilizing their abilities and helping others. I know they will succeed.


Boomers have been the guys in charge for that lead our country in this direction so deal with it. My genration will be cleaning up the mess decades of greed have caused. We are young enough to become stronger from this while most boomers will enjoy a bleak retirement of financial worry. I know at one time the boomer generation wanted to change the world.............


This is very appropriate..and I enjoyed reading it...However boomers are getting the brunt of it all

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