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December 08, 2008


J. Edward

I THINK A 2010S DEPRESSION, which really will be a late 2000s mini depression will start with

A MAJOR RUN ON THE BANKS taking place in late 2009 as many of the economic policies including a stimulus designated to help the millions unemployed and confidence in government reaches the lowest level since the Civil War

Production comes to a severe halt in the developed nations such as the United States, United Kingdom, Austrailia and Germany, while housing in Dubai, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates causes a pilgrimage from these areas to other areas because of skyrocketing property values, while the housing crisis in the United States leaves to a collapse of all the housing companies causing them to split into mini companies. Even the United States Department of Housing has to undergo a severe overhaul.

The countries of Egypt, Israel, Syria, and Saudi Arabia, have to eventually come to the aid of the ailing nations previously dependant upon for assistance while battling threats of civil war in their own nations

UNEMPLOYMENT SHOOTS TO A RECORD 10.5% in the United States as even companies that supposedly depend on engineering and drilling take an unexpected decline as the growing economic crisis causes most of the nations of the Northern Hemisphere to merge together in their economies in a last ditch effort to save the numerous refugees now made peniless by the financial crisis which roots began in the United States

The economic crisis by 2011 reaches its 4th year and has caused immense violence in major cities as they have become vulnerable to numerous other socio economic factors as natural and man made disasters have gripped them and because of the lack of cash to rebuild, projects have gone unlooked at for years by the current administration.

The price of commodities has continued its yo yo effect for some 20 months now with no end in sight as the price of Gold and Oil shot up to $6.00 in the early half of 2010 and went as low as $1.30 toward the end of the year.

The erratic move in commodities causes stocks to take tumbles unknown to mankind and make unprecedented gains as investors have been issues a moratorium demanding them not to trust the market as bartering becomes a major pastime of many of the unemployed who are not threatened by health issues.

The recent joining of forces between the middle east and European nations causes the cancellation of the Olympics because of boycotts spurred by the price of these venues and a growing fascination with a political figure from the old Czech Republic who preaches a doctrine of fixing all of the world problems.

Many unsuspecting unemployed citizens follow his doctrine and are soon convinced things are getting better as GDP soars into 2012 and continues to soar and people are aggressively lead back to work because of the soaring GDP because of the tapping of whatever natural resources and fossil fuels are left in the world. Iceland becomes a nation where most want to escape to because of the changing climate and new surge in economic activity.

In this new age of economics, The U.S, and Japan are ranked behind Russia and Israel as the most productive and must thus depend on their nations for export and imports, China is aggressively considering a referendum on tapping into the new economy but is then countered by Israel as trying to use propaganda and treason to try to blackmail the cities of the world into believing they were the ones who came up with the new economic policy.

The auto industries in the United States, and Japan and Germany, that were once powerful are now owned by Middle Eastern nations and Russia who is also building an advancing millitary ready to lauch a campaign of nuclear consequence against Russia

Lets hope it doesnt come to this, but this folks is the worst case scenario.

If consumer confidence in the United States drops any further, the other nations of the world will have at.

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